At CLA Angus we raise 100% Angus for a healthy choice of nutritious beef. Every generation is given the same high quality standards of care from birth to market. We’re dedicated to providing natural high quality tender, flavorful beef for our family and neighbors. Our policy at CLA Angus is to start with the best genetics and provide a stress-free natural environment, clean water, rotational grazing on lush grasses, clover and alfalfa, free-choice mineral licks, our own feed and lots of fresh air; just the way God intended.


Tastes great! No added water like grocery store meat. USDA Prime & USDA Choice 100% Angus Beef – The Beef Breed. Dry Aged for richer flavor and tenderness. 100% All-Natural, No growth-enhancing hormones or steroids. Raised in a stress-free enviroment on lush green pastures with daily fresh water and finished with our own custom blended grain.

MARBLING Marbling is the small white flecks of fat that appear throughout a cut of beef. As a general rule, the more marbled the beef, the better the taste – and the higher it will be rated by the USDA. Prime beef has the most marbling, Choice has less, and Select the least. As you would expect, the more desirable cuts (Filets, Ribeye, etc.) are those that contain the most marbling. You will be enjoying USDA prime and USDA choice grades of beef when you purchase CLA Angus beef from McConnell Meats & Farm Market. You will be able to taste the difference. From Our Farm To Your Table.

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